About the Artist
My name is Diyan Rogers and GypseaHeart is my design company. I create custom jewelry and specialty accessories for people, their pets, their homes and their work place.

Creating is a passion and a delight.  I am inspired by nature, fascinated by the infusion of texture and color.   All of the assemblages are designed of semi-precious stones , shells, minerals, feathers and earth’s stunning artifacts. They are 'one of a kind’ and handcrafted with meticulous care.

I trust some of my creations will whisper to your spirit, ignite your imagination, delight your heart, and perhaps even soothe your soul, as they have mine.

Encourage yourself and others...

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Sedona Scarf  
Embellished with Organic Artifacts
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Diyan Rogers
Jewelry & Fiber Artist
Carlsbad CA
GypseaHeart Collection ® , Carlsbad, CA 92008
Catherine Watson   760-717-8922    www.cwodesign.com
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